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We welcome entries for narrative, documentary, animation, school film, or one-minute movies.


Entry Fee

All Categories

Please read through the complete rules and regulations on our site before entering.

Award & Prize Details:
  • Best of Festival – $1,000 and a SFF trophy 

  • Best Narrative – $500 and a SFF medallion 

  • Best Documentary – $500 and a SFF medallion 

  • Best Animation – $500 and a SFF medallion 

  • Best "One Minute Movie" – a SFF medallion 

  • Best Local School Annual Production – $500 to the school and a SFF trophy 

  • People's Choice Award – $100 and a SFF medallion 

  • Best Invited Film - A SFF medallion 

  • NEW THIS YEAR: Best Performance - A SFF medallion 

  • Medallions may be presented to the runner-up in "Best Narrative", "Best Documentary", and "Best Animation". The "Best Local School Annual Production" Runner-up will receive a trophy. 

Film submissions are accepted through
This allows us to take your films as a digital file upload at no additional cost.
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